What can Discover Travel do for you?

    We offer expert, qualified advice; arrange travel that is personalised; we save you time, and in many instances, money too!


    We’ll book your trip so you are free to do other things while the itinerary research is taking place. We offer much more than simply booking travel – we know how to put together a seamless itinerary. We are paid a commission by our suppliers for many of the travel services we arrange, so in most instances it won’t cost you any more to book your travel through us than by booking direct with a supplier.


    • Fancy a quick ‘winter escape’ to Australia, the Pacific Islands, Hawaii or Bali? No problem, let us arrange a great value package for you.
    • Prefer something a little further afield like Vietnam, Japan, the USA, Canada, India or Sri Lanka? Great, we cater to all budgets and styles of travel
    • Ready for the long-haul and that big Europe trip? Fantastic, this is our speciality.
    • Is it time for that ‘bucket list’ trip to the Rockies, South America, Africa or Antarctica?  How exciting! Come and talk to the experts.


    This is what we do day in, day out for our career – we are professional travel planners. Our time has been heavily invested in personal travel, researching the destinations you want to go to, enabling us to plan and arrange itineraries which are tailored to our clients. Within our team, there are very few places in the world that we haven’t been to and we love sharing our ‘insider’ knowledge, tips and tricks with you to enhance your travel experiences. We are well known for our extensive program of destination information evenings to inform and inspire you. In short, we want to add your ideas to our know-how and create the perfect trip!


    Is a truly wonderful thing; we certainly couldn’t do our job without it. It’s made booking travel easier, but also comes with informational overload. Travel planning is a time-consuming process. It’s now very easy to disappear down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ while comparing flight options, reviews of hotels or debating a bewildering array of sightseeing options. We’ll get to know your travel likes and dislikes and cut through all this clutter to find just what is relevant for you.


    The big online travel companies make a lot of noise with huge marketing budgets but they are essentially data centres – aggregating and repackaging data according to their own assumptions and then showing you what they think you want to see, but not always what you actually need. They don’t know you, they can’t qualify your requirements and they won’t give you the service and support that we do. We’re local and you can talk to us.


    We love our airline partners, we really do, but we’ve lost count of the number of instances where customers have been tempted by cheap one-way fares advertised online, only to realise too late that the fare which they have purchased is often entirely unsuitable for their itinerary, resulting in paying far more for their overall airfares than they should have done. We understand how airfares really work and we want to save you money!


    On the subject of purchasing airfares, we believe we will find you the best value airfare for your needs, taking into account your time frame, budget, airline loyalties and stopover preferences. To this we add our in depth knowledge of aircraft, each carrier’s different travel classes and their seating. Moreover, we know how to create complex, multi-stop airfares better than anyone!


    We’ve been travel innovators right back to our days as ‘Adventure Travel’. We were the first travel company in Canterbury to advertise villa and apartment stays in Europe (long before airbnb was founded!). We were pioneers in promoting small ship and expedition cruising to exotic places and are always the first to feature new and emerging destinations like Cuba and Iceland. We offer several Escorted Journeys each year – in 2018 to exciting destinations like Morocco, Tanzania, Sri Lanka & India. Recently we’ve created a thriving ‘Travellers Club’ which has been enthusiastically embraced by our Solo Travellers.


    Much of the travel industry is built on relationships, both formal and informal, and over the last 28 years we have developed excellent relationships within the industry. Access to our trade-support contacts and strength of these relationships, means we can save you time and money in resolving a travel-related emergency. Our 24/7 phone service for travel-related emergencies is available for your peace of mind. We’ll even help with insurance claims if you have purchased cover from us. When you’re in trouble, there is no substitute for having a knowledgeable, reliable, and well connected travel agent to solve your problems in real time.

    Please give us a try for your next trip, we’d love to help you!

    Ian, Peter & the team at Discover Travel