Small Ship Cruising

Cruising is certainly the fastest growing part of the travel industry and the variety of ‘small ship cruising’ product grows every day. At Discover Travel we define small ship as anything smaller than 500 passengers. There are a few luxury cruiselines that fall into this category including Windstar Cruises, Star… Read the rest

Ecuador & Galapagos

The BBC’s wonderful recent documentary ‘Galapagos’ has certainly generated great interest in this, one of the world’s greatest wildlife destinations. I visited for the first time in October 2012 and thought the experience was simply outstanding. Highlights were the close encounters with marine life – we snorkelled with turtles, Galapagos… Read the rest


Cuba – the largest and most densely populated Island in the Caribbean is probably the most interesting for a number of reasons, History, Politics & Music to name but three. When Castro came to power in 1959 things were to change dramatically for the man in the street and the… Read the rest


Discover Travel are one of the few true specialists in New Zealand in arranging trips to Antarctica. Antarctica truly is the ‘last great place on earth’. The stunning scenery, incredibly abundant and inquisitive wildlife and the pristine nature of the vast ice-covered plateaus are simply indescribable. You will spend your… Read the rest

Cruise Alaska’s Inside Passage by Discover Travel

BIG SHIP OR SMALL SHIP CRUISE? The traditional ‘big’ cruise ships like Holland America, Princess etc cruise from Vancouver to Seward or round trip back to Vancouver and some include sightseeing of Glacier Bay National Park or perhaps Hubbard Glacier and typically stop at a mix of towns including Juneau,… Read the rest

A Circumnavigation of Iceland in Springtime by Ian Collier

Keflavik Airport in Iceland has come a long way since I first passed through it twenty years ago. It’s certainly a lot bigger and grander than I had remembered, which is perhaps explained by the recent incredible increase in popularity of this tiny island nation for overseas visitors. Iceland is… Read the rest