Scandinavia & Iceland

The Scandinavian countries are all seafaring nations and a result, all the major cities are on the coast or built over a collection of islands such as Stockholm; this makes things perfect for cruising as everything is so accessible. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are all close together, both geographically… Read the rest

Cycling Holidays

Life at handlebar height – perfect!  Whether you are looking for a way to get from village to village or want to ride the classic Cols of the Tour de France – there is a cycling holiday to suit.  Options range from remote off-road trails to tarmac, huge descents to… Read the rest


Cuba – the largest and most densely populated Island in the Caribbean is probably the most interesting for a number of reasons, History, Politics & Music to name but three. When Castro came to power in 1959 things were to change dramatically for the man in the street and the… Read the rest

Greetings from Albania & Macedonia by Peter Dunne

As a child growing up in the UK in the 70s and early 80’s, the Cold War was alive and well and the Iron Curtain still divided East and Western Europe. I would listen of an evening on the family wireless to midweek European football games involving teams with names… Read the rest

Cuba by Bike by Peter Dunne

There is a very famous quote from Che Guevara “¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!” (“Until Victory, Always!”) And as I approached the final hill on day 5 of my cycling tour, this quote took on a whole new meaning. It wasn’t the biggest hill ever, but it was 38 degrees C… Read the rest

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E-Bike West Coast Wilderness

5 Days From NZD $2,195 pp twinshare
Small group
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Cycle through NZ’s untamed and wild West Coast by e-bike West Coast Wilderness Trail. Weaving through the dense rainforests, glacial rivers, lakes and wetlands, a series of smooth flowing off-road tracks takes you from Ross to Greymouth. Following the path of long-gone railways, logging trams, and water races from the… Read the rest