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    Immerse yourself in the beautiful New Zealand landscape

    PurePods is a total immersion, totally private experience of your own slice of the beautiful New Zealand landscape. Your PurePod is made of heavy duty glass so you can see everything – from the starry night skies above to the native plants growing beneath your feet. Pull back the sliding doors on all three sides and indulge in the isolation. You will experience nature’s show vividly, utilising all of your senses whilst remaining sheltered in luxury. Imagine watching a winter storm roll in from the warmth and comfort of the PurePod,or basking in the summer sunshine while relaxing on the deck and taking in the stunning views.

    The privacy, the isolation of a luxurious glass cabin completely surrounded by nature – the sky, the hills, the sea, the birds, the bush – takes you to another world.

    With six different PurePod locations to select from, all within a 2.5 hour drive from  Christchurch, there’s sure to be a location that takes your fancy

     Greystone PurePod

    1 hour north of Christchurch, hidden high above an award-winning organic winery in Waipara.

    The Greystone PurePod sits on a spur in a paddock, high above the winery. While you are tucked away in your own private oasis, you have vast views down onto the winery and up the Waipara Valley. Depending on the time of the year, while relaxing on the PurePod deck, you may be able to glimpse workers in the far distance beavering away in the vines removing shoots, managing the foilage wires, picking grapes or pruning.

    Atatū PurePod

    90 minutes north-east of Christchurch, perched high above the Greta Valley coastline, with sweeping sea views and stunning sunrises.

    Every direction you look there are stunning views, from the rolling hills dotted with sheep, to the snow-capped mountain views out the bathroom window, to the endless sea views – imagine how magical it is to wake up to the sun rising out of the water right in front of you!


    Korimako PurePod

    90 minutes north-east of Christchurch, nestled in native bush along the Greta Valley coastline. 

    With a beautiful view out to the bay and across to Motunau Island, on a clear day you can see right down to Banks Peninsula.  An abundance of birdlife in the native bush surrounds the PurePod, you will be treated to a gentle chorus of birdsong throughout your stay.

    Kahutara PurePod

    20 minutes inland from Kaikōura / 2.5 hours from Christchurch, perched above the Kahutara River with vast views across to the mighty Seaward Kaikōura Mountain Range. 

    On arrival the craggy foothills behind the PurePod will be the dominant first impression, closely followed – as you climb the steps and stand on the deck – by a feeling of awe looking north across the river to the Seaward Kaikōura range.




    Manakau PurePod

    20 minutes inland from Kaikōura / 2.5 hours from Christchurch, in a vast landscape with perfect views of the mighty Seaward Kaikōura Mountains.

    The PurePod sits on a spur in a paddock with kanuka trees for company and birds singing all day long in the nearby gullies. As you look out from the deck the vastness of the location is overwhelming. Seemingly close enough to touch, the Seaward Kaikōura range dominates the vista but you are surrounded by hills in all directions. North facing, the PurePod looks straight at Mt Fyffe, snow covered for much of the year, and the mighty Manakau mountain rising to over 2600 metres, the largest peak in the Seaward Kaikōura range.

    Pōhue PurePod

    1 hour from Christchurch, high above the historic Port Levy bay on the beautiful Banks Peninsula.

    The Pōhue PurePod sits just below some macrocarpa trees, behind which you can glimpse The Monument, a rocky crag standing on the ridge between Purau and Port Levy. From the PurePod you have beautiful views across the tussock grasses and rolling hills down to the long, sheltered bay of Port Levy. With no one nearby, you can sit back, relax and soak in the views.