Get a pre-departure Covid test in Christchurch?

    As of the time of writing (4/5/22) a number of destinations including the USA & French Polynesia still require pre-departure Covid tests.

    What test should I take?

    The type of test you need to take depends on the destination you are travelling to, including transit points. Please ensure you check your destination’s entry requirements carefully.

    PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

    PCR tests are accepted by most countries that require a pre-departure test. The time frame in which you need to take your test can differ depending on your destination.

    RAT (Rapid Antigen Test)

    Rapid antigen tests can provide a result in 15-30 minutes. They are less sensitive than a PCR test, however, and are not accepted by all countries.

    IgM antibody test

    Antibody tests can indicate whether you’ve had past exposure to COVID-19. Some countries may require an antibody test in addition to a pre-departure test.

    How to show proof

    It’s important you have valid proof of your pre-departure COVID-19 test result before you check-in and arrive at the airport.

    A valid COVID-19 test result should typically include:

    • Your full name
    • Your date of birth and/or passport number
    • Test result
    • Test method used
    • Where and when the test was taken
    • Name of the testing laboratory

    What you need to know

    • Self-administered COVID-19 tests taken without supervision of a trained person may not be accepted for travel depending on government requirements.
    • Tests completed outside the required timeframe won’t be accepted.
    • If you receive an inconclusive test result, this will be treated the same as a positive test result.
    • We recommend that you have printed copies of all necessary documentation with you while you are travelling. You may be requested to provide these documents during other parts of your journey.
    • If you’re feeling unwell and experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you should defer your travel plans.

    The below locations are an indication only. You may wish to check with your local independent pharmacy to see if they offer supervised RAT testing approved for international travel.

    • Healthpoint offer a COVID-19 Video Supervised Pre Travel Test This service provides video supervised pre-departure RATs testing for people who are travelling either into or out of any country.  This service can be provided from any location or in any country with good internet access.  Please book an appointment here. You are able to book a test to take place 06:00-23:00 NZST, 7 days a week. All clients will need to present an acceptable unopened RAT test prior to supervision being conducted. Tests can be booked immediately or up to two weeks in advance. Prices from $80-100 depending on time of day.
    • Unichem
      Tests offered: Supervised RAT testing for international travel
      Locations: Multiple Locations
      Indicative pricing: Pricing varies but typically ranges from NZ$40-$80
    • Life Pharmacy
      Tests offered: Supervised RAT testing for international travel
      Locations: Hornby, Riccarton, the Palms
      Indicative pricing: Pricing varies but typically ranges from NZ$40-$80
    • Chemist Warehouse
      Tests offered: Supervised RAT testing for international travel
      Locations: South City, Papanui, the Palms
      Indicative pricing: from NZ$50
    • RAKO science
      Tests offered: COVID-19 RT-PCR
      Locations: 822 Colombo Street, Christchurch CBD & Christchurch Airport
      Indicative pricing: from NZ$250
    • Test to Travel
      Tests offered: COVID-19 RT-PCR and IgM Antibody Test
      Locations:Northfield Business Park
      Indicative pricing: from NZ$175