Plan my trip to Europe

    Tips for creating a Unique Tailormade Europe Itinerary.

    At Discover Travel we have been creating unique tailormade Europe itineraries with our clients for over 14 years and along the way we have learnt some key things that we are keen to share with you to help in your planning.

    Most importantly: We like to get you to focus on the experiences you want to enjoy – whether that is the food, wine, cycling, walking, people, history or culture. Too often all the focus is on getting there, choosing somewhere to sleep and getting from A to B. Our aim is to ensure you have time in your itinerary to truly experience the destination in the way you want to.

    Planning tips for First Timers to Europe


    Identify your budget – be realistic about this and share it. Then your consultant can help you create the right itinerary for you on your budget.

    Airfares: Typically $2,300 to $3,000 as a guide for Earlybird airfares into and out of Europe.

    Touring: Daily cost on average for accommodation, transport and some sightseeing. Ranges from around $450 – $800 per couple per day. At the lower end if you are including some longer stays

    How long to be away for – decide how long you can be away for.

    We find many of our clients have become overwhelmed with choice before they even get started. Start with the places/things/experiences that excite and interest you. Write them down and don’t worry about how to fit them together – that is our job and we can work together on that.

    Start with the Itinerary Plan – don’t worry about the flights (they are the last thing to choose!). It is more important to decide on your itinerary and then choose the best flights that fit your itinerary. (You don’t want to be flying out of London if your itinerary finishes in Athens!)

    Things that can help your budget:

    Stay put! Moving costs you time and money. Slowing down your holiday can help your budgeting and vastly improve your experience. Villas and apartments are often more cost effective than hotels – but they require a minimum stay. Plus you can self cater some of your meals – another good saving and you get to experience buying food at the local markets.

    Include Cheaper Destinations:  Some countries are noticeably cheaper to travel in – ie. Turkey is great value, Italy more expensive. So mix up your countries if you can. Cities are typically more expensive than smaller towns and villages – so enjoy a variety.

    Travel with friends: Share the costs of accommodation, boats and rental cars. With 4 or 6 of you then you will make some good savings. Even meeting up with friends for a week amidst your trip can be very cost effective – and great fun!

    Plan your itinerary early: Earlybird tour/cruise savings are often great value. A typical $4,500 per person tour with 10% off represents a $900 saving per couple. This is usually more than your Airfare savings from Earlybird. Having your itinerary planned will allow you to take advantage of good tour savings.

    Buy an Earlybird Airfare – typically these represent good savings of around $300 – $500 per person – but they are only good value if you have planned your itinerary in advance. (Changes can be costly.) If you are booking your airfare later and your dates are very specific, you may find you are paying a lot more for your airfare.

    Choosing Tours/Cruises – make sure you are comparing “apples with apples”, ie the tour is of a similar standard, number of passengers on the tour, number of days and what is included. A good thing to do is work out the price per day for the tour – this makes it much easier to compare different tours.

    A fully inclusive tour will often save you lots of money. Alternatively, you may be paying for things you don’t need or want to do.

    Understand who the core market for your cruise/tour is – ie the American market, German market or Australasian.  You want to ensure you are travelling with people that you can enjoy being with.