Scandinavia & Iceland

The Scandinavian countries are all seafaring nations and a result, all the major cities are on the coast or built over a collection of islands such as Stockholm; this makes things perfect for cruising as everything is so accessible. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are all close together, both geographically… Read the rest


‘Living like a local’ tops our client’s wish-list when it comes to France and we can help you discover: The secrets of Paris – great from your very own apartment The villages of Provence, Burgundy and Dordogne – just picture yourself lying by your own pool in a secluded villa… Read the rest

Turkey, Greece & Croatia

These Mediterranean gems offer travellers another way of life.  Toss away your Kiwi time zones and embrace a life all about food and friendships.  Expect al fresco dining every day with long lazy lunches followed by a relaxing siesta before you emerge to enjoy the cooler evening to catch up… Read the rest

Switzerland, Germany & Austria

With endless mountains, lakes and picture perfect scenery Switzerland, Germany & Austria are back on the radar for Kiwi travellers.  River cruising through Germany and Austria is fast becoming the most popular way to explore the many villages and towns that line the rivers whilst walking and cycling holidays are… Read the rest

Russia & The Baltics

There’s big, and then there’s Russia! Its vastness contains the world’s longest train journey, Europe’s longest river cruises and a patchwork quilt of customs, cultures, languages, and geography. The eternal enigma of Russia also combines a culture that inspired the western world and is now in recovery from communism to… Read the rest

Spain, Portugal & Morocco

The Iberian Peninsula will tempt you with exquisite food, fascinating history, great scenery and a glorious climate. Enjoy the architecture, museums and shopping in Madrid, Barcelona & Lisbon Discover the white villages of Andalucia by self drive or small group tour Visit the exquisite Moorish Alhambra Palace in Granada Explore… Read the rest


Discover Travel Italy specialists have a  passion for Italy and we have walked the Cinque Terre, driven through the hilltop towns of Tuscany & Umbria, visited the medieval villages of Abruzzo and walked the Amalfi Coast. We have explored Rome and Florence on foot, shopped in Milan, watched a nighttime… Read the rest

England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales

Half of the Discover Travel team are from the UK so there is plenty of knowledge for this part of the world. Where to? – England, Scotland Wales & Ireland! With a history dating from stone-age monuments to invasions by Celts, Romans,Vikings, Saxons and the French, it’s no wonder the… Read the rest

Eastern Europe

The cities of Eastern Europe were once the capitals of the fabled Ottoman and Habsburg empires. Their modern resurgence brings past lavishness to life and yes, there really is a Transylvania of vampire fame! Between the baroque beauty of Prague and the elaborate facades of Budapest and Krakow which were… Read the rest


We may be 12,000 miles away but it is hard to escape our European influence.  Many Kiwis start with a visit to the UK – tracing family or visiting their children who are on their OE – a great introduction that is usually followed by a visit to “The Continent”.  … Read the rest