Peru & Bolivia

The cultural heart of South America, these iconic Andean countries are often the first visited by Kiwis when venturing into Latin America. Access is a little easier to Peru than Bolivia, but we’d highly recommend discovering both: Cuzco – simply wonderful, you can easily spend a week here and still… Read the rest

Ecuador & Galapagos

The BBC’s wonderful recent documentary ‘Galapagos’ has certainly generated great interest in this, one of the world’s greatest wildlife destinations. I visited for the first time in October 2012 and thought the experience was simply outstanding. Highlights were the close encounters with marine life – we snorkelled with turtles, Galapagos… Read the rest


Cuba – the largest and most densely populated Island in the Caribbean is probably the most interesting for a number of reasons, History, Politics & Music to name but three. When Castro came to power in 1959 things were to change dramatically for the man in the street and the… Read the rest

Central America

Where to start?  A Spanish language school is a great idea as you get to live like a local for a week, but more importantly after that you can actually speak some Spanish which you will find enormously helpful as you travel through these fascinating countries. Guatemala – do visit… Read the rest

Argentina, Chile & Brazil

The ‘heartland’ of South America – and the easiest to access from New Zealand, with direct flights from Auckland to Santiago with LAN, and then good connections to Buenos Aires or Rio De Janeiro, and then from either to Iguassu Falls. There’s also a good (if rather complicated!) LAN Airpass… Read the rest

Latin America

For Kiwis, “Latin” America is usually viewed as two quite separate destinations – ‘South’ – ie South of Panama, and ‘Central’ – North of Panama. Flying into ‘South’ America is currently possible with 2 carriers. There are flights 4 times per week from Auckland directly into Santiago (Chile) with LATAM… Read the rest

Cruise the Galapagos by Ian Collier

We’d highly recommend cruising the islands for as long as your schedule and budget permit, it’s a long way to travel from NZ, so make it worthwhile! You will typically overnight in either historic (and high!) Quito or the larger coastal city of Guayaquil, then fly out to the Islands… Read the rest

Cuba’s hot, but how do I get there?

Cuba has certainly been a ‘hot’ destination; especially during the last years of the Obama administration. With the thawing of diplomatic relations and resumption of direct American scheduled flights, demand surged. However, these friendlier relations have been rolled back by the Trump administration and it’s still classed as a ‘sanctioned’… Read the rest