You’ll never feel like just another tourist on Niue, the island nation a three hour flight from Auckland. That’s because, with just under 130 guest rooms, there are often more whales visiting in season than human visitors! Niue is one of the world’s largest raised coral atolls and is home… Read the rest

New Caledonia

An intoxicating blend of South Pacific idyll and French sophistication is waiting just a two-and-a-half hour flight from Auckland. New Caledonia is like nowhere else in the Pacific – and as soon as you set foot there, you’ll appreciate the source of its very special charm: Mediterranean meets mellow Melanesia.… Read the rest

Norfolk Island

This delightfully unique destination will take you by surprise – so rich in history and breathtakingly beautiful, Norfolk Island is as enchanting and quaint as its friendly locals who have lived on this tiny island for generations, many of whom are descendants of those famous Bounty Mutineers. You’ll find it… Read the rest

Cook Islands

Quarantine-free travel between New Zealand and the Cook Islands has been underway since January 2022. Visitors must be fully vaccinated, however tourists and permit holders aged 16 years and under will no longer require evidence of vaccination. Travellers aged over 16 will still be required to show proof of being… Read the rest


There’s truly nowhere quite like Samoa. From the moment you arrive on this idyllic nation’s shores, you will be greeted by smiles and the lively ‘Talofa’ of the locals, who are ready to treat you like a treasured friend. A special and important part of Fa’a Samoa – ‘the Samoan… Read the rest


Vanuatu is a country where the sun shines bright but the people’s smiles shine brighter. Absolutely nothing hinders the population’s enviable zeal for life. In Santo there are more cows than people. If it wasn’t for the cattle, you’d find yourself alone on the beach. Variety, vibrancy, volcanoes − these… Read the rest


The Pacific’s last kingdom is a paradise for seekers of pure peace. Its beautiful islands, divided into four groups, are scattered like pearls across 700,000 square kilometres of ocean. There is no shortage of deserted beaches and pristine anchorages here, and the swimming, snorkelling and diving are exceptional. The main… Read the rest


There are 118 islands and atolls that make up Tahiti, spreading over 2 million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean and traversing five archipelagos, according to Tahiti Tourisme. Literally spoilt for choice, how do you know which island you should call home? Verdant mountains rising up from turquoise coral… Read the rest


Imagine a tropical island where there’s fun for the entire family, on a Fiji Holiday you can have: great kids clubs, great food. Doesn’t appeal? What about a boutique luxury island haven with enough beaches for you to have one to yourself? We’re a lucky nation. As New Zealanders we… Read the rest

Pacific Islands

In our ‘backyard’ are some of the most beautiful tropical Pacific Islands in the world. Need a winter break? Well, we’re only a few hours flight away from world-class snorkeling, white sand beaches and a dazzling ocean that merges from jade to turquoise. Languid days spent idly in a rocking… Read the rest