We believe this is a destination where our experience and knowledge can make a huge difference to your holiday experience. We really have been to Africa – read about our experience here.  We know this destination intimately and we have the best range of tours and options for exploring Africa. Most of all we have the personal knowledge to help you choose the right experience for you.

For many Kiwis, sub Saharan Africa is synonymous with ‘Safari’, so assuming your main interest is the wildlife encounters, we’d encourage you to view Africa as two quite separate destinations – even the means of getting there from NZ are quite different.

‘Southern’ – South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia & Mozambique – usually by flying via Sydney or Perth and then onto Johannesburg .

‘Eastern’ – Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia – usually by flying via Dubai and then onto Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam, Entebbe or Addis Abbaba.

Our most popular current safari destinations are Botswana and Kenya/Tanzania for the Great Migration.

Safari packages can range wildly in price depending on the style of travel, level of comfort & the season. Each have their merits – from overland travel by truck and basic camping, through small group trips in more comfortable tents or hotels to luxury ‘fly-in’ safaris staying in luxury camps and lodges.

High season pricing typically applies from June to August in most popular game parks in Botswana, Kenya or Tanzania, so while this is considered an excellent time to travel for game viewing, you may consider May or September travel for some great savings!

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend ‘less is more’ for a safari – go for less time, but do it at a higher standard for the best possible experience. A safari can be quite tiring though, so we’d highly recommend a beach break at the end – Mozambique is becoming popular in the South while Zanzibar and the Kenyan Coast have been long term favourites in the East.

Of course, a trip to Africa offers much more than just game viewing, and for some, the journey is as rewarding as the animals themselves, especially in destinations with a rich culture such as Ethiopia or Kenya.