Asia is a huge continent of mind-boggling diversity, where you’ll experience a sometimes jarring contrast between the ancient and the hyper-modern within a few blocks. The only thing that’s consistent is the incredible cuisine. This is our closest opportunity to experience completely different cultures, histories, languages and cuisines and the climates are usually inviting over the New Zealand winter, especially in Indochina & Sri Lanka.

Away from the usual Kiwi holiday favourites of Thailand, Singapore and Bali, our most popular destinations currently include the ‘5 Stans’, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, India, Sri Lanka and Japan. Demand for China is relatively quiet at present, but is sure to come back strongly, as is Nepal and we’d encourage clients to think about less travelled regions like the Caucuses (Azerbaijan, Armenia & Georgia), Borneo, Korea or Bhutan for something different.

Asia is a great ‘mid haul’ option for Kiwi travellers. In addition to Air New Zealand’s direct flights from Auckland to Shanghai, Seoul, Bali, Taipei, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong, we also have direct flights from Christchurch to Singapore year round and during our summer months also direct flights from Christchurch to Hong Kong and Guangzhou with great connections beyond. There are also good connections from Christchurch via Australia to Bali.

Asia’s usually tremendous value for money when you hit the ground, especially in the Indian Subcontinent, Indochina and Bali. Even Japan, which is so unique that it can feel like a ‘continent within a continent’ is currently excellent value with the weak yen. Note – Japan is currently experiencing a tourism boom, so please be sure to plan and book early!