Yes, the ‘U S of A’ is officially back on the travelling radar of Kiwis, it’s ‘cool’ again to head Stateside (was it really anything but?) and grab a slice of Uncle Sam. We’ve noticed a lot more clients are stopping in San Francisco (go Team New Zealand!) and New York City en route to Europe, but the other big stopover cities like Las Vegas (baby!), Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Washington DC are getting plenty of love as well, and the new Qantas route from Sydney to Dallas throws up some intriguing excursions into the ‘South’. Virgin America seem to have shaken up the domestic flight market with their fun approach and great service and even LA Airport staff are being told to smile at visitors!

Popular options include self-driving California & Nevada, either the coastal route or inland to explore the amazing National Parks, or joining a small group (camping or accommodated) tour to do the same. As the US is so big, coach tours continue to be a popular option here, especially in the Far West and the New England.

Finally, we’ve noticed a lot more interest in the South, especially Memphis, New Orleans and the Mississippi River that connects them!  Houston is the perfect gateway into the heart of the American South and Air New Zealand are now flying to Houston via Auckland opening up a direct connection between New Zealand and America’s South for the first time.

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