Christchurch & Auckland Airports – changes for international connecting passengers

    A couple of small, but significant changes have happened recently at both Christchurch and Auckland airports that are important for travellers from Christchurch connecting in Auckland onto international long-haul flights.

    Firstly, the Air New Zealand ‘international connection counter’ at Christchurch airport has gone – you now check in at one of the self-service kiosks by scanning your passport.

    If your onward flight is with Air New Zealand, this will then print your boarding passes and baggage tags. At Auckland make your way from the Domestic Terminal via the marked footpath or free transfer shuttle to the Auckland International Terminal and proceed to the departure area to connect with your onward flight.

    If your onward flight from Auckland is with another airline – e.g LAN, Thai Airways, China Southern etc this kiosk will then print your boarding pass to Auckland and your baggage tags through to your final destination. At Auckland, report to the counter of the airline you are flying onward with, with your baggage receipt to receive your onward boarding pass.

    The other change is in Auckland, when arriving from an international flight – as you come into the arrivals area at the International terminal, the counter that was on the left where you could check your bags onto a domestic flight has also gone.

    Now, after clearing Immigration and Customs, you may check your luggage in (if you have more than one hour prior to onward flight departure and have had your bags tagged and hold a boarding pass) at the domestic transfer counter in Zone A to the right of the customs hall exit.  You will need to show ID at the bag drop so keep your passport handy.  Please make your way to the domestic terminal by courtesy coach or follow the signposted walkway and await boarding for your onward flight.

    If you prefer, or have less than one hour, make your way with your baggage to the domestic terminal and use the self-service kiosk to check in for your onward flight.