Intrepid’s New ‘Off the Grid’ trips for 2020

    Intrepid can always be relied on to keep travel fresh and interesting. Check out some of their new trips in 2020. From discovering ancient ruins in Northern Sudan, to wandering along the glorious beaches of the Albanian Riveria or trekking the misty Tana Toraja in Indonesia. The world may feel a whole lot smaller than it used to, but there’s still plenty to be explored.

    For those of you who’ve ‘been everywhere’, here’s just a few of our favourite ‘Off the Grid’ new trips for 2020. Even Peter’s only been to two of these!

    Central Asia and The 5 Stans

    KUzbekistan, Khiva, Itchan Kala

    Trek Armenia

    Greenland Expedition

    The town of Nuuk in Greenland

    Northern Sudan Expedition

    Meroe Pyramids, Sudan

    Indonesian Expedition: Orangutans of Kalimantan

    Map of Indonesia Expedition: Orangutans of Kalimantan including Indonesiaborneo_orangutan-sanctuary

    Haida Gwai Islands Expedition

    Map of Haida Gwaii Islands Expedition including Canada Spot a family of grizzlies at the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary