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New rules for travelling to South Africa with children

From 1 June 2015, travelling from NZ to, and back from, South Africa with children has become a bit more complicated as children are now required to carry an unabridged birth certificate as well as their valid passport, under new regulations aimed at improving the safety of children. The department… Read the rest

Singapore Airlines upgrades Christchurch daily services

GOOD NEWS FOR CHRISTCHURCH TRAVELLERS! Singapore Airlines has announced that its daily service from Christchurch to Singapore v.v. will be operated by a refitted 777-200ER, effective 9 February on SQ297 from Singapore. In Business Class, the richly upholstered leather seat reclines up to 125 degrees and unfolds into a 76-inch… Read the rest

Changes to Air NZ Airpoints

We receive a steady stream of enquiries each week from Airpoints members unsure of how best to accrue and utilise their Airpoints. Here’s what’s new.. Air New Zealand have announced an overhaul of their popular Airpoints system with the majority of changes taking effect for sales & travel from 31… Read the rest

Flying long-haul with children

My kids are now 9 & 8, and are very fortunate – they’ve enjoyed 3 trips to Europe (approx 24hrs of flying each way), and a recent trip to Hawai’i (9hrs of flying each way) plus several hops to Australia and the Pacific Islands. Working in the travel industry, you… Read the rest

NZ passport renewal now online

Don’t forget – renewing NZ passports is now possible online, and our clients are telling us it’s pretty quick too! You do need to take a proper photo that meets the requirements though, so if that’s proving challenging try your friendly local pharmacist or photo shop and ask them to… Read the rest

USA ‘ESTA’ e-visas – be careful!

All New Zealand passport holders need an “ESTA” when entering the USA by air, even if they are only in transit in Los Angeles with Air New Zealand enroute to London. You do not need an ESTA if entering the USA overland from Canada or Mexico. Please be careful when… Read the rest