Plug types worldwide

A question we are often asked at Discover Travel is ‘which plug adaptor’ do I require for my destination. Well, we refer to World Plugs as it’s easy to use – they even have a handy map. It’s worth noting that many countries have more than one plug socket represented. Don’t worry though – Christchurch Airport sells plug adaptors, including ‘universal’ ones, in case you forget!

Whilst we are on the subject of plugs, airline passengers entering and leaving the USA and other countries (including the UK) are now expected to be able to show that electronic devices in their hand luggage can be powered up. These include mobile phones and laptops but also tablet devices, MP3 players, hairdryers or straighteners, cameras and camera equipment, travel irons and electric shavers.

Travellers unable to demonstrate that devices such as laptops and phones can be powered up face not being allowed on their flight. However, there are now charging points located around UK airports and it is understood that passengers will be given the opportunity to go and charge their electronic devices using these, but other airports may not be as well prepared!