Update for travellers arriving into New Zealand Managed Isolation & Quarantine

    All passengers arriving into New Zealand from Monday, 5 October 2020 will be required to register their Managed Isolation requirements prior to departure and be in receipt of a Managed Isolation Allocation System (MIAS) Voucher at check-in.

    The process below applies:

    • From Monday 5 October 2020 all passengers will be required to apply for a voucher via the New Zealand Government’s Managed Isolation Allocation System website.
    • Passengers will be emailed a voucher once allocation in managed isolation is confirmed.
    • A voucher is required for all members of the travelling party.
    • Passengers may be denied boarding if they are unable to present a Managed Isolation Allocation System voucher.

    All passengers are encouraged to obtain a MIAS voucher prior to checking-in.  Vouchers will not be expected for passengers who depart for New Zealand prior to 5 October 2020, with a scheduled arrival in New Zealand prior to Wednesday 07 October 2020.