About us

Ian Collier

  I’ve been lucky enough to visit all seven continents, including several trips to Antarctica & the Arctic, South America and East & Southern Africa. Living in the UK for 30 years, I explored most of Europe; also the USA, India, Nepal, Japan & South East Asia. Top of My… Learn more
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Peter Dunne

It all started with a school trip to Belgium at the age of 11, strange accents, funny food, cars on the wrong side of the road. I was hooked. 35 years on and I’m no better, in fact I’ve got steadily worse, visiting over 120 countries just to feed my… Learn more
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Janine Hay

  My independent travels started at the age of 16 exploring and living in America, Australia, and South Africa. I was then lucky enough to spend 13 years working with sports and music groups travelling throughout Europe. Craving more exotic destinations I took myself overland from England through Russia and… Learn more
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Juliet Davis

  Growing up I couldn’t wait to start seeing the world. A two-year OE in London turned into 12 years living in Europe before I knew it and I could very easily see myself back there again one day! With my next trip always booked before I’d returned from the… Learn more
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Linda Weiss

  My passion for travel saw me toss in my career in the photography industry and dedicate my time to inspiring people to see the world. Almost 18 years later and I have sent people all over the world and indulged my curiosity for destinations off the beaten track. Overland… Learn more
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Lyndon Hadden

Let me introduce myself. I am the current co-owner of Scarborough Fare in Sumner with my son Ben and wife Colette. We have had the cafe for 4 years, first day of lockdown being the first day! Prior to this, I enjoyed a 20 odd year stint in the travel… Learn more
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