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Discover Travel

Who is Discover Travel? Let the journey begin, give us a call or drop in and see us at: 52 Oxford Tce – Corner Montreal St and Oxford Terrace, Christchurch New road access: Durham Street is now two-way between Tuam and Lichfield – you can access Oxford Terrace heading either… Read the rest
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Ian Collier

I’ve been lucky enough to visit all seven continents, including several trips to Antarctica & the Arctic, South America and East & Southern Africa. Living in the UK for 30 years, I explored most of Europe; also the USA, India, Nepal, Japan & South East Asia. Top of My Bucket… Read the rest
Phone: 03 364 3404 Email: [email protected]

Peter Dunne

It all started with a school trip to Belgium at the age of 11, strange accents, funny food, cars on the wrong side of the road. I was hooked. 35 years on and I’m no better, in fact I’ve got steadily worse, visiting over 120 countries just to feed my… Read the rest
Phone: 03 364 3406 Email: [email protected]

Juliet Davis

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to leave New Zealand. Not because I don’t love this country but because I just couldn’t wait to start exploring everything else out there. A two year OE in London turned into 12 years living in Europe before I knew… Read the rest
Phone: 03 364 3408 Email: [email protected]

Linda Weiss

My passion for travel saw me toss in my photography career and dedicate my time to inspiring people to travel. 11 years later and I have sent people all over the world and taken the opportunity to indulge my curiosity for destinations off the beaten track. Trips from Kathmandu to… Read the rest
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Janine Hay

Fitting in like the locals Hiring a motorbike in India, cruising from Kollam to Varkala Beach and stopping to eat a traditional Keralan fish dinner with a local family. Top of My Bucket List Surfing in North Korea Iran Mexico the Hurtigruten Favourite Places I’ve Travelled Slovenia: Rock climbing, kayaking,… Read the rest
Phone: 03 364 3401 Email: [email protected]

Monica Reid

UK born and raised in South Africa meant that I was always going to head north at some point. And east and west! I’ve been to vibrant cities and sleepy villages, marvelled at majestic mountains, observed nature at play and savoured interesting food along the way. I go in search… Read the rest
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