About us

Ian Collier

I’ve been hooked on the idea of travel since I was a kid, but after Uni, I realised just how much I wanted to make a career out of exploring the world and helping others do the same. This began in the UK, where I learned the industry working in… Learn more
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Peter Dunne

My passion for travel started at age 11 on a school trip to Belgium. The strange accents, weird food, and cars on the wrong side of the road hooked me instantly. Over the last 35 years, I’ve hit over 120 countries, always hunting for unique destinations and experiences. I’ve visited… Learn more
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Janine Hay

My travel journey is a mix of incredible experiences, unforgettable moments and a love of exploring the world. From the Grand Canyon to climbing Mount Fuji, my adventures span continents and cultures, each trip leaving a lasting mark in my travel journal. One of my most memorable experiences was seeing… Learn more
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Juliet Davis

  Growing up, I couldn’t wait to start seeing the world. What started as a two-year overseas experience in London turned into twelve years of living in Europe before I knew it. I can easily see myself returning there one day! I always book my next trip before I return… Learn more
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Linda Weiss

My passion for travel led me to leave my career in photography and instead dedicate my time to inspiring others to see the world. Nearly 18 years later, I’ve helped people explore the globe and indulged my curiosity for more unusual destinations. My travel experiences range from swanky African safaris… Learn more
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