Juliet Davis (on sabbatical from Oct ’20)

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For as long as I can remember I always wanted to leave New Zealand. Not because I don’t love this country but because I just couldn’t wait to start exploring everything else out there. A two year OE in London turned into 12 years living in Europe before I knew it and I could very easily see myself back there again one day. With my next trip always booked before I’d returned from the previous one I’ve explored most corners of Europe and on my annual trips home incorporated many destinations in both Asia and North America.

My favourite destinations fall into two categories:


From the Costa Brava in Spain to the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia to Railay Bay in Thailand to Fiji and Byron Bay in Australia – if there’s beautiful sand and crystal clear water I’ll be there.

Next beach I have to visit is back to Greece for the Ionian Islands.


My top five would have to be London, Rome, New York, Tokyo and Melbourne. I love the buzz, the history and of course the shopping.

Next big city I have to visit is Buenos Aires.


Outside of beaches and cities, I’ve been wowed by the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Arctic wilderness of Norway, dawn service at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli, skiing in Switzerland and rock climbing in Thailand.

On my long wish list for what next is:


I’ve been dreaming of South America for a while now. Starting with Argentina and travelling onwards from there.

Then on to Africa, starting with Cape Town and heading north into Botswana.

In the Middle East, it would have to be Jordan and then the spas and palaces of Oman look far too tempting.

And if there is one little bit of Europe that I’d really love to discover more about it’s the Western Balkans – Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania. Full of history and hidden treasures.