Travel Journals

Discover Florida with Cosmos by Peter Dunne

Florida had been on my hit list for 30 years, ever since I ran out of money whilst backpacking in America in the summer of 1986 and had to fly home from New York instead of Miami. As a result of this i was more than happy when the opportunity… Read the rest

The Jewel of Sri Lanka by Discover Travel

Sri Lanka truly is an amazing little jewel of a country with something to offer everyone.  With a history and culture spanning over 2000 years, the numerous UNESO listed heritage sites will satisfy the history buff, there is a huge array of wildlife for the nature lovers (particularly elephants, leopards,… Read the rest

My Alaskan Dream Cruise by Ian Collier

At the beginning of this week, I learned that Russia sold ‪Alaska to the USA in 1867 for US$7.2m. Ok, so even adjusting for relative values today, it works out a paltry US$80 per square km. Having now finished my week long exploration of just SE Alaska, I reckon they… Read the rest

Why I love Egypt by Keryn Beveridge

Egypt is an extraordinary country. I fell in love with Cairo 28 years ago and so was very excited about the opportunity to go back and visit again. The people, the food, the warmness of the welcome and the amazing history make it a fantastic destination. Egypt has been through… Read the rest

My Windstar Spirit Cruise – Dreams of Tahiti

“I’m not really a water baby, I wonder whether I will enjoy this…” were my initial thoughts when I first considered the opportunity of sailing around the Tahitian islands in a small cruise ship. “This trip may be wasted on you then, Monica” was the response I got from my… Read the rest