Cruising is the fastest growing sector of the travel industry, and while Canterbury has perhaps been a little slow to embrace the cruising revolution over the last few decades, we’re catching up very fast now! Discover Travel is a leading cruise specialist in Canterbury with 3 accredited Cruise Specialists and we are a strong supporter of the cruise industry.


We separate Cruising into 4 distinctly different categories:


Ocean Cruising – this is typically a holiday on a ship (usually mid to large size) and can often be seen as a floating resort with lots of choice for restaurants, bars and entertainment.


Small Ship Cruising a popular alternative to Ocean Cruising for our clients, particularly in Europe.  This is about the destination and getting off the beaten track.

River Cruising hugely popular in Europe with Asia and South America now offering fascinating itineraries.

Expedition Cruising – this is all about the destination (the ship just allows you to get there). Ian has a very strong background in Expedition Cruising with Antarctica and the Arctic but this style has extended into some fascinating destinations around the world.