Canal Boating

Wherever you choose – England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy or Ireland, be prepared to discover life at 7 kilometres an hour!

You will quickly become an expert at navigating the waterways and locks on your journey. There is plenty of time to cycle or walk to local villages to pick up fresh local produce for your meals or pop into the nearby pub and share some stories with the locals.

Canal boating is perfect for families or groups of couples and is great for Kiwi parents wanting to holiday with their kids whilst on their OE.  You can all enjoy a relaxed and social holiday.

Whatever the area and your chosen route, the wonderful scenery and landscapes will be dotted with villages, castles, abbeys, caves and remarkable historic sites so enjoy!

You choose the best size boat to fit your group from 2 to 12 berths. Prices vary throughout the year depending on seasonality. One week rentals from $1500 low season to $3200 high season for a Classic 2 berth. For a Classic 4 Berth from $1700 low season to $4,000 high season.