UK & Europe

We may be 12,000 miles away but it is hard to escape our European influence.  Many Kiwis start with a visit to the UK – tracing family or visiting their children who are on their OE – a great introduction that is usually followed by a visit to “The Continent”.  And what a continent it is! With 50 countries to choose from and even more languages to embrace we thought we would help to narrow it down!

  • Culture seekers head south to Provence & Tuscany for delightful villages, vineyards and ruins
  • Classics students will go East to Greece and Turkey.
  • Boaties should head to the Mediterranean with Croatia and the Greek Islands the favourites.
  • City Lovers – well you are spoilt for choice!  Paris, London, Venice and Berlin are perennial favourites.
  • Nature Lovers should head to Scandinavia to visit the pristine fjords.
  • Walkers – head to the coasts for outstanding walks with a view – the Amalfi, Cinque Terre and Lycian Way the top spots or head inland to the Alps.
  • Music lovers should head to Vienna for classical concerts and Verona for the Opera.
  • Adventurers head to the new world of post Soviet Eastern Europe.
  • War History buffs should head for France, Germany, Turkey.
  • Foodies – well you can go almost anywhere!

Whether it is your first time to Europe or your 20th, there is always something new to see and we would love to help you discover more.