Travel Journals

3 days in Moscow by Linda Weiss

I’m just back from a trip to Russia where I spent  4 nights and 3 full days in Moscow. I must admit, I thought 4 nights may have been too long in this city but now I am 100% sure that it is not long enough! Moscow has so many… Read the rest

On safari in Tanzania by Juliet Davis

Heading off on safari to Tanzania this year has been one of the most memorable trips of my life! It’s a bucket lister for many of our clients and I can almost definitely say that I can’t wait to get back to Africa again. My trip was an 8 day… Read the rest

A Turkish Odyssey by Peter Dunne

Having only visited Istanbul before, I was really keen to get to Turkey and visit the numerous interesting places I have read about over the years, could they all be as spectacular as they sounded? It took me two weeks to find out and yes they certainly were, read on… Read the rest

Exploring Jordan by Ian Collier

Shalom from the comfort of the Hilton overlooking the beaches of sunny Tel Aviv, which feels positively freezing today at a mere 31C compared to last night at the Dead Sea in Jordan where the mercury topped out at 41C (according to my iPhone this ‘feels like 46C’!) Jordan has… Read the rest

Greetings from Albania & Macedonia by Peter Dunne

As a child growing up in the UK in the 70s and early 80’s, the Cold War was alive and well and the Iron Curtain still divided East and Western Europe. I would listen of an evening on the family wireless to midweek European football games involving teams with names… Read the rest

A Circumnavigation of Iceland in Springtime by Ian Collier

Keflavik Airport in Iceland has come a long way since I first passed through it twenty years ago. It’s certainly a lot bigger and grander than I had remembered, which is perhaps explained by the recent incredible increase in popularity of this tiny island nation for overseas visitors. Iceland is… Read the rest

An introduction to Taipei, Taiwan by Peter Dunne

On a recent trip to Europe I was looking for a new and different stopover on the way home and decided upon the ancient island of Formosa. Many schoolboy history lesson had left me intrigued so I was keen to learn about Chiang Kai Shek and Sun Yat Sen and… Read the rest

National Parks of Southwest USA by Juliet Davis

The tour operator I travelled with, Grand American Adventures, describes this part of America: ‘With its desert lands and wide stretching prairies, you can lose yourself in the immensity of Southwest America. Anyone wishing for endless blue skies with the occasional little fluffy cloud will be in their absolute element.… Read the rest

A fab four days in San Francisco by Juliet Davis

This city has been on my to do list for years now and even with great expectations it still blew me away and I really didn’t want to leave! Quite easily the friendliest American city I have ever been to with a very laidback and relaxed vibe, fantastic food options… Read the rest

Arctic adventure and the ever-elusive Aurora by Monica Reid

Last summer I escaped soaring temperatures and heavy humidity in favour of snow-clad architecture, wintry landscapes and the charming markets of a European Christmas.  Coupled with my long-held ambition to witness the Aurora Borealis, I flew to Tromsø, prime launch pad for a Northern Lights chase, all-round winter playground and… Read the rest