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Be insured properly for my travels by Ian Collier

To say it’s been an eventful few years for Canterbury is of course an understatement, but one thing we’ve all learned is the importance of being adequately insured! This is especially true when it comes to choosing the right travel insurance policy, and at Discover Travel we have extensive experience… Read the rest

Stop off en-route to Europe? by Ian Collier

Here’s how.  Let’s face it, from Christchurch we are pretty much exactly on the opposite side of the Earth from most places in Europe, and 12,000 miles away, give or take. It will take anything from 27-32 hours to get from Christchurch to London – Air New Zealand are currently… Read the rest

Use an E-passport on arrival at London Heathrow?

For EU Passport holders: E-passport gates – arrivals made easy     Automated e-passport gates offer an alternative to conventional passport checks. Simply scan your e-passport at the barrier. The system runs a face-recognition check against the chip in your passport, then if you’re eligible to enter the UK the gate opens… Read the rest

Have a villa in Italy by Juliet Davis

All villas are rented from Saturday to Saturday.  Very important that you consider how this fits into your itinerary. PRICE really makes a difference to what you get in terms of location, amenities and filling expectations.  This cannot be stressed enough.  The price often goes up by around 50% through… Read the rest

Explore Alaska by Ian Collier

The traditional cruises will go Vancouver to Anchorage or Vancouver to Vancouver and they do some great sightseeing of Glacier Bay National Park or perhaps Hubbard Glacier, and then they typically stop at a mix of towns including Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and Sitka. These towns are tiny (think Akaroa) and… Read the rest

Discover the Italian Lakes by Discover Travel

In the mountainous landscape of the Alps, amid spectacular scenery lie the famous Italian lakes of Como, Maggiore, and Garda. There is also the lesser-known, but equally picturesque, Lake Orta and straddling both Italy and Switzerland is the stunning Lake Lugano. The shores of all these lakes are dotted with… Read the rest

Explore Tuscany by car by Discover Travel

Tuscany is one of those magical parts of the world, where you are immersed in magical views of olive trees, grape vines, Cypress trees and villas that all look old, well maintained and so in keeping with their environs. You can never tell if a building is new, old or… Read the rest

Make sense of Frequent Flyer schemes by Ian Collier

There’s often confusion about the merits of joining the variety of airline Frequent Flyer programs on offer to New Zealand travellers. So, how do you accrue points, what are the benefits and is there really such a thing as a free trip? WHAT IS A ‘FREQUENT FLYER’? A frequent flyer… Read the rest

Travel Safe by Ian Collier

A frequently asked question is ‘will I/we be safe’? Well, we’re certainly not going to recommend travel to ‘unsafe’ places, but for up-to-date travel information, the best resource for Kiwis are the advice and travel advisories published by MFAT at Safe Travel where destinations are ranked according to current risk… Read the rest