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Travel journal: 5 days in Sydney by Peter Dunne

I had lived in Sydney in the late 80’s and been back a few time over the followings years, but never as a tourist so this year when I visited for 5 days it was an interesting mix of reminiscence … Continue reading


Latest news: Kiwis are flying! Are you organised yet? by Discover Travel

It continues to be a busy winter for the Discover Travel team with demand now higher than before Covid! It’s been lovely to hear from so many of our loyal customers keen to make up for lost time. We’re continuing … Continue reading


How do I... know what travel insurance cover I have for Covid related claims? by Discover Travel

With international travel really taking off, but with plenty of people still catching Covid, we thought it would be useful to highlight what is and isn’t covered regarding Covid by our travel insurance policy. What customers can get cover for: … Continue reading