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Travel journal: A Week in Japan at Christmas by Ian Collier

Japan is certainly a ‘hot’ destination for Discover Travel presently, with unprecedented levels of interest in this most fascinating of countries since they dropped all restrictions in April 2023. My last trip there was in April 2019 when I walked … Continue reading


Latest news: A 500m cruise on Ponant’s luxury icebreaker in Lyttelton Harbour by Ian Collier

Living in Lyttelton, I see a lot of cruise ships arriving and departing each summer, but Ponant’s luxury icebreaker the ‘Commandant Charcot’ is unique, so when I was offered the opportunity to enjoy a overnight aboard in the harbour, I … Continue reading

How do I... Stay in touch while travelling overseas? by Discover Travel

Most of us would like to use our smartphones while traveling abroad but choosing an affordable method can seem very complicated. Should you buy an international roaming plan? And if you do, what does 2GB of data get you anyway? … Continue reading