Complete Scandinavia

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Soak up a little Scandinavian minimalism in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

It’s fair to say, Scandinavia is having a moment. Perhaps several moments. With cutting edge minimalist design, five-star fusion cuisine, long life expectancy and a social system that runs like Danish clockwork, it seems every cafe, furniture store and political system on the planet can learn a thing or two from Europe’s latest hotspot. This is your chance to see it up close. From the inky Fjordlands of Norway’s coastline to the fish markets of Copenhagen, along with a few obscure gems like Bergen, Lillehammer and the Swedish Lakes District. And like any well-plotted Danish drama, there’ll be a few surprises along the way.

Why you’ll love this trip

  • Norway’s fjords feature some of the most stunning scenery on Earth. Cruise past waterfalls and snow-capped peaks through the narrow Naeroyfjord
  • Discover Stockholm’s maritime history at the Vasa Museum, which houses an original wooden war ship from 1628. This impressive vessel gives you a rare glimpse into the naval power Sweden was once famous for
  • Explore Copenhagen like a local and hop on a bike. There is no better way to see the major sites, as well as explore hidden corners of this beautiful city
  • Don’t miss Gothenburg’s Haga district, with its picturesque wooden houses and the iconic Skansen Kronan, as well as laid-back Langgatan street
  • Take a ferry to Vrango Island, a stunning fishing town in the Gothenburg Archipelago, and explore its rocky shores by kayak.


Map of Complete Scandinavia including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

Day 1: Copenhagen

Day 2: Copenhagen

Day 3: Malmo / Gothenburg

Day 4: Gothenburg

Day 5: Vrango Island / Gothenburg

Day 6: Oslo

Day 7: Oslo

Day 8: Oslo

Day 9: Bergen

Day 10: Bergen

Day 11: Norwegian Fjords

Day 12: Norwegian Fjords

Day 13: Lillehammer

Day 14: Lillehammer

Day 15: Swedish Lakes

Day 16: Swedish Lakes

Day 17: Stockholm

Day 18: Stockholm

Day 19: Stockholm / Overnight Ferry

Day 20: Helsinki

Day 21: Helsinki


Images courtesy of Intrepid Group