The charming Oki Islands in the Japan Sea

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Fascinating culture and lovely landscapes on the Oki Islands group, just a few hours by ferry from the Japan Sea coast of the main island of Honshu.


  • Meet friendly locals and explore these picturesque island communities
  • Unique culture and beautful views, with good walking on quiet country roads
  • Exquisite and unusual freshly-caught seafood
  • Stay in Japanese inns on Nishinoshima and Dogo islands

The beautiful, volcanic Oki Islands offer a rare glimpse of traditional maritime communities with the friendliest of welcomes. Stay in Japanese-style lodging and explore the quiet country roads which criss-cross these islands and eat some rare delicacies which are sure to please!

We recommend three nights on Nishinoshima, with a daytrip by fast, inter-island ferry to nearby Nakanoshima. Continue onwards to the larger island of Dogo for a further two nights.


DAY 1 ➤ Travel to Nishinoshima
Travel by train and ferry to Nishinoshima, one of the three small Dozen islands in the Oki Islands group. Explore the surrounding of your inn before eating dinner of local seafood. Overnight at a Japanese inn. Accommodation: Minshuku (Family-run Guesthouse) or Ryokan (Travellers Inn)

DAY 2 ➤ Exploring Nishinoshima
A day at leisure on Nishinoshima. We suggest the circular walk from Urago around the north-west tip of the island on quiet country roads to the Matengai Cliff and onwards to the Kuniga Coast Walking Trail, then continuing to Urago. At a leisurely pace, the walk takes around 3-4 hours.
Overnight at a Japanese inn. Accommodation: Minshuku (Family-run Guesthouse) or Ryokan (Travellers Inn)

DAY 3 ➤ Day-trip to Nakanoshima
A short journey by local fast ferry to Nakanoshima. Take a leisurely stroll from Hishiura Port out to the
Akiya Coast. On leaving the pretty port, branch off to the left and follow smaller, quieter roads alongside rice fields. Visit Oki Shrine and further on, the uphill detour to Mount Kinkoji Temple and a viewpoint over a lovely island vista. The walk takes around three hours. Return to the port by local bus for the ferry back to Nishinoshima. Overnight at a Japanese inn. Accommodation: Minshuku (Family-run Guesthouse) or Ryokan (Travellers Inn)

DAY 4 ➤ Onwards to Dogo Island
From Nishinoshima take the Oki Kisen ferry to Dogo Island, the largest of the Oki Islands. After the
smaller islands of Nishinoshima and Nakanoshima, Saigo Port on Dogo looks like a real town and even has an Italian restaurant. The riverside houses are truly picturesque. Take a lovely hour’s stroll around the river area close to the port, with atmospheric traditional architecture, interesting mid 20thcentury buildings, shops and shrines. Overnight at a Japanese inn. Accommodation: Ryokan (Travellers Inn)

DAY 5 ➤ Explore Dogo Island
Rent a bicycle from the tourist office on the quayside. Or travel by local bus to the pretty village of Fuse on the north-east corner of the island. The village is picturesque and nearby are two other fine sights. The first is the Jodogaura Coast, where you can look out over the lovely small bay. A couple of kilometres inland from Fuse is the Oyama Shrine, which does not have any shrine building but is instead a sacred cedar tree, typical of the island’s religious heritage. Overnight at a Japanese inn.
Accommodation: Ryokan (Travellers Inn)

DAY 6 ➤ Return to Kyoto/Osaka
After a morning to explore Dogo Island further, return from the Oki Islands to the mainland and travel onwards by bus and train to Osaka

Images courtesy of Oku Japan