Indonesia – Spice Islands to Flores (Maumere) Cruise

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A magnificent exploration of culture and nature, discover the best of the Spice Islands and Raja Ampat on this 12-night odyssey
The Spice Islands in the Maluku region was once the center of the global spice trade. Centuries-old traditions and European relics on Banda Neira, once a booming spice hub, sit against the backdrop of Gunung Banda Api (“Fire Mountain”), an active volcano that’s also a hiker’s and birdwatchers’ favourite. Lava flows into the sea has created magnificent underwater gardens.


Day 1


Arrive to a warm welcome in Ambon and board Aqua Blu at Laha Bay, a famous muck diving site. There are also opportunities for trekking and birdwatching inland.
Day 2


Early morning, depart for the island outpost of Saparua, sailing along the scenic north coast of Ambon. Disembark en route at the coastal town of Hila to explore the old Dutch fortification, Fort Amsterdam. Continue onto Sarapua, where a host of water activities await, or discover local pottery-making at Ouw village, visit a local market, see European relics or explore bird habitats.
Day 3

Banda Islands & Banda Neira

Approach the Banda Islands as the sun rises, greeted by Kora-Kora war canoes as the boat enters the harbor. Stroll through history at the Dutch Fort Belgica on Banda Neira, once the most hotly contested island in the world in the 16th and 17th century, and learn about the colorful story of the Old World spice trade.
Day 4

Banda Neira & Gunung Api

Spend the day exploring the oldest nutmeg plantations in the world, learning about the cultivation and history of the spice. Hike the active volcano of Gunung Banda Api. In this remote part of Indonesia, experience local life with traditions unchanged for decades before departing Banda Harbour at night.
Day 5

Pulau Run

Arrive at Pulau Run, the westernmost of the Banda Islands, at sunrise. Swim, fish, snorkel and dive in the crystal-clear waters, or go on village tours, trekking and birding. After finding the ruins of an old British fort, arrive at a pristine beach where a cocktail party awaits.
Day 6

Pulau Koon & Pulau Gorong

Snorkel, swim, kayak and spear-fish in the numerous blue pools and over the sparkling coral reefs on the Koon Island, also known as the Marine Superhighway because of its location along a migratory route. Kayak into the narrow waterway entrance in Manawoka of Gorong island to view shallow reefs and deep dropoffs. Set sail to Misool after dinner.
Day 7


Savour a sunrise breakfast on board against the backdrop of 300-metre tall cliffs of Pulau Manuk, a volcanic island rising 3 kilometres from the seabed. This is a haven for fish-hunting birds, as well as sea snakes and reef sharks flocking to enjoy the area’s underwater thermal springs.
Day 8

Serua Island

A playground for snorkelers and divers alike, Serua Island showcases an impressive array of reefs, walls and incredible soft coral spots. Big fish and schools of fish thrive around her and there is always to chance of seeing schooling hammerheads.
Day 9


The ship arrives in Damar by day break. Trek the active volcanos of Damar or kayak on a lagoon at Terbang Seletan when tides are favourable. Swim or snorkel next to the dazzling white sandy shore fringed by shallow coral reef at Nusleur.
Day 10

Romang, Nyata, Telang ( The Forgotten Islands )

Dive around Nyata island in search of hammerhead sharks and rays. Romang and Nyata are not part of a National Park, therefore it is possible to fish here, both on the water and under the surface. Cruise south towards Telang for snorkeling and kayaking adventures. Spot rare silver-tip sharks here.
Day 11

Wetar ( The Forgotten Islands )

There is plenty to do and see along this rarely visited rugged coastline of Wetar, which features impressive wall dives to meet sharks, schools of pelagic fishes, majestic manta and mobular rays. Other activities includes fishing and trekking. On this largest island of the Forgotten Islands, experience local life with traditions unchanged for decades.
Day 12

Pantar & Alor

Arrival in Alor, home to many picturesque fishing villages and surrounded by clear water over vibrant coral reefs that are a diver’s and snorkeler’s favorite. Centuries-old tradition comes to live in the traditional dance performances by the friendly Abui Tribe.
Day 13

Maumere ( Flores )

Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast onboard before your disembarkation at Maumere.

All-inclusive experience

  • All meals while on board
  • Selected premium wines and beer, non-alcoholic drinks
  • Excursions with knowledgeable local guides
  • Group transfers to/from vessel when traveling on recommended flights
  • Snorkeling equipment and wet suits
  • Scuba diving
  • All available non-motorized water sports
  • Laundry
  • Internet connection (intermittent depends on locations)


  • Luxurious design suites from 12sqm to 31sqm with portholes or windows
  • Comfortable King-size bed or twin beds
  • All suites are air conditioned
  • Pampering organic natural hair and bath amenities
  • En suite bathroom
  • Professional hairdryer



Images courtesy of Aqua Expeditions