Travel Safe

A frequently asked question is ‘will I/we be safe’?

Well, everyone has a different perception of ‘safety’ but we’re certainly not going to recommend travel to ‘unsafe’ places! For up-to-date travel information, the best resource for Kiwis are the advice and travel advisories published by MFAT at Safe Travel where destinations are ranked according to current risk levels – either ‘some risk’, ‘high risk’ or ‘extreme risk’.

It’s imperative that you are adequately insured for travelling, but there are usually important insurance implications to travelling to destinations that are classed as ‘extreme’ risk – this can apply to an entire country (e.g Somalia) or more commonly, a region within a country (e.g Gaza). Our travel insurer is usually comfortable with travel to ‘high risk’ destinations, but not to ‘extreme’ – please check with us if you are unsure!

MFAT also encourages travellers to register their travel plans on the site – you can do so here.

The Australian, British and US governments also publish excellent travel advisories, tailored to their nationals, and with varying levels of detail. This can be important when you are travelling with a tour operator from one of these countries, as they will be bound by the travel advice from that respective government and if a destination is deemed unsafe for tourist travel, then they won’t operate there.

In general, we encourage our clients to read the current advisories online and check-in with their consultant if they are concerned – we’re here to help!