Walk the Amalfi Coast

Be amazed by the Amalfi Coast, where stunning villages are glued onto hillsides that defy gravity. You will too and your legs will forgive you anything for the views! Picturesque towns hover above isolated coves, their narrow streets a-jostle with monasteries, churches and whitewashed homes.

Along ancient paths and mule tracks you’ll find lemon groves, vineyards and olive trees and wonderful places to sample them. Just when you think you’ve already reached heaven, you’ll travel The Walk of the Gods, discover Positano and never want to leave!

Halfway between sea and sky and once used by pilgrims and merchants, the Amalfi Coast follows a ridge 500m above sea level where you can see forever, or at least as far as Capri. If you’re not on cloud nine figuratively, you sure will be literally!

The Amalfi Coast can be explored “village to village” or on a series of day treks, returning to your perfectly perched apartment, villa or hotel each magical evening. So enjoy.

Walking the Amalfi Coast:

There are lots of small group guided walks and self guided walks. Expect some fairly serious walking with zillions of steps up and down. The views are breathtaking (like the steps!) so do take your camera.

Chris says… I did 6 different walks:

  1. Ravello to Amalfi via Atrani (down)
  2. Amalfi to Ravello (different up)
  3. A day trip in the National Park
  4. Amalfi to Conca dei Marina
  5. Conca to Praiano
  6. And the exquisite ‘Walk of the Gods” between Praiano to Positano.

It was like climbing Mt Herbert every day!

“The Walk of the Gods” is between Praiano and Positano – it is beautiful with spectacular views. Expect a few slightly narrow paths (with big drops) but generally a very comfortable walk. The villages of Nocelle and Montepertuso are very welcome stops for refreshments and if you are tired you can get the bus down to Positano.

You can make all the walks on the Amalfi Coast a little easier by using the local buses to take out some of the ups and downs. Ie. Bus up to Ravello and walk down to Atrani & Amalfi – this is a truly beautiful walk as you view the gorgeous Monastery clinging to the cliffside. Bus up to Bomerano and start the Walk of the Gods from up high. You don’t need hiking boots, trainers are fine. We found our walking poles to be a ‘godsend’!