Yes, the ‘U S of A’ is officially back on the travelling radar of Kiwis, it’s ‘cool’ again to head Stateside (was it really anything but?) and grab a slice of Uncle Sam. We’ve noticed a lot more clients are stopping in San Francisco (go Team New Zealand!) and New… Read the rest

Exploring Portland and the Oregon Coast by Ian Collier

The Pacific Northwest is very ‘hot’ for Kiwi travellers at the moment. In 2016, I’d enjoyed visiting Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies, Alaska’s inside passage and the Californian coast. As we now have many clients keen to self-drive this region, my partner and I decided to return in August 2017… Read the rest


Miami is everything you expect. It is bright, brash, colourful, great fun and HOT! You need to stay in South Beach to take advantage of the true lifestyle that people move here from all over America for. The sun is always shining and the beach goes on for miles and… Read the rest


Nashville has a vibrant, well off, buzzing kind of energy. In the past it has been a country music pilgrimage destination but it has become newly fashionable and is attracting new people from all over with new and exciting events, places and buildings popping up everywhere. I went for the… Read the rest

New York, New York… by Ian Collier

I only had 5 nights to ‘do’ NYC so I invented a machine that slows down time. If you don’t have one of these, the same effect can be achieved by buying a map & a subway pass, utilising every spare second of the day and not sleeping very much.… Read the rest

And We’re Walking, Washington DC by Ian Collier

Well, when you’re on a coach tour, you certainly can’t complain about not maximising the limited time available! Yesterday, we managed to squeeze pretty much every memorial in DC (Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, WW2, Korean, Vietnam, Holocaust) plus the White House, Capitol, popped across the Potomac to Arlington National Cemetary &… Read the rest