Congratulations to Virgin Galactic for completing its first private astronaut space flight on 10 Aug 2023, and its third successful spaceflight in just over three months.

Titled Galactic 02, the mission achieved multiple historic milestones, being not only the first majority female spaceflight but also the first spaceflight with a mother-daughter duo.

Virgin Galactic ceo Michael Colglazier says this latest flight is ‘another historic leap forward’, demonstrating how spaceflights will broaden access to space. “This is just the beginning, as we plan to continue flying monthly spaceflights while also developing our Delta Class production spaceships to scale our business.”

Galactic 03, the company’s third commercial spaceflight, is now planned for Sep. See details HERE.

I’ve been involved in Space Tourism since it’s early days in the mid-1990’s when I first toured Star City near Moscow and was even lucky enough to experience the thrill of a Zero-Gravity training flight over Moscow in an Ilyushin-76. I’ve even accompanied an astronaut’s family to Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazhakstan to watch their Soyuz launch!

In late 2006, House of Travel were appointed official ASA’s for Virgin Galactic in New Zealand and I made the first ASA booking for a New Zealander with Virgin Galactic in January 2007.