Scandinavia & Iceland

The Scandinavian countries are all seafaring nations and a result, all the major cities are on the coast or built over a collection of islands such as Stockholm; this makes things perfect for cruising as everything is so accessible. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are all close together, both geographically… Read the rest


Discover Travel are one of the few true specialists in New Zealand in arranging trips to the Arctic. “The Arctic” – from the Greek Arktikos – ‘Country of the Great Bear’ because it sits underneath the constellation Ursa Major. This is very apt, because the most famous resident of this… Read the rest

Expedition Cruising

Expedition (small ship cruising to ‘adventure’ destinations) is growing rapidly – in these places, it’s all about the destinations that are ‘hard to get to except by ship’! Expedition ships essentially used to be a floating expedition base for shore excursions by zodiac, but a great ship will certainly enhance… Read the rest


Yes, the ‘U S of A’ is officially back on the travelling radar of Kiwis, it’s ‘cool’ again to head Stateside (was it really anything but?) and grab a slice of Uncle Sam. We’ve noticed a lot more clients are stopping in San Francisco (go Team New Zealand!) and New… Read the rest


Hawaii is certainly very ‘hot’ for Kiwi travellers now – since the introduction of Hawaiian Airlines flights from Auckland in 2013 we have very competitive airfares with two carriers and it’s now become a destination in it’s own right and not just a stopover on the way to or from… Read the rest

Space (yes really!)

Discover Travel are the Accredited Space Agents for Virgin Galactic in Canterbury & the West Coast. Have you ever dreamt of venturing into space? Well, this is about to become reality. Chat to me about what will literally be the trip of a lifetime! I’ve been involved in Space Tourism… Read the rest

Peru & Bolivia

The cultural heart of South America, these iconic Andean countries are often the first visited by Kiwis when venturing into Latin America. Access is a little easier to Peru than Bolivia, but we’d highly recommend discovering both: Cuzco – simply wonderful, you can easily spend a week here and still… Read the rest

Ecuador & Galapagos

The BBC’s wonderful recent documentary ‘Galapagos’ has certainly generated great interest in this, one of the world’s greatest wildlife destinations. I visited for the first time in October 2012 and thought the experience was simply outstanding. Highlights were the close encounters with marine life – we snorkelled with turtles, Galapagos… Read the rest

Argentina, Chile & Brazil

The ‘heartland’ of South America – and the easiest to access from New Zealand, with direct flights from Auckland to Santiago with LAN, and then good connections to Buenos Aires or Rio De Janeiro, and then from either to Iguassu Falls. There’s also a good (if rather complicated!) LAN Airpass… Read the rest