A Week in Japan at Christmas by Ian Collier

Japan is certainly a ‘hot’ destination for Discover Travel presently, with unprecedented levels of interest in this most fascinating of countries since they dropped all restrictions in April 2023. My last trip there was in April 2019 when I walked the Nakasendo Trail, so I jumped at the chance to… Learn more

Oslo to Longyearbyen by Ian Collier

Oslo is often overlooked by travellers keen to explore Europe’s great cities, probably because it doesn’t have any obvious iconic landmarks and is perceived as being very expensive, so I was completely unprepared for how impressive it is for the first time visitor. This is a city with vast green… Learn more

Whirlwind 50 hours in Barcelona! by Ian Collier

We really packed it in, on Sunday afternoon we wandered the Gothic Quarter, jumped on the hop on / hop off bus ‘red’ route and strolled along the beach. On Monday we did the bus ‘blue’ route, went to Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, the Camp Nou stadium and explored… Learn more


All New Zealand passport holders need an “ESTA” when entering the USA by air, even if they are only in transit enroute to another country. You do not need an ESTA if entering the USA overland from Canada or Mexico. You need to apply for an ESTA if…  You are… Learn more

Ian Collier

  I’ve been lucky enough to visit all seven continents, including several trips to Antarctica & the Arctic, South America and East & Southern Africa. Living in the UK for 30 years, I explored most of Europe; also the USA, India, Nepal, Japan & South East Asia. Top of My… Learn more
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Walking Japan’s Nakasendo Trail by Ian Collier

Japan is very popular for Kiwi visitors; with the Rugby World Cup last year and the Olympics upcoming in 2020, the country’s profile has never been higher. So many visitors to Japan use the impressive Japan Rail network to hop at Shinkansen (bullet) speed from one big city to another… Learn more

Exploring Jordan by Ian Collier

Shalom from the comfort of the Hilton overlooking the beaches of sunny Tel Aviv, which feels positively freezing today at a mere 31C compared to last night at the Dead Sea in Jordan where the mercury topped out at 41C (according to my iPhone this ‘feels like 46C’!) Jordan has… Learn more

A Circumnavigation of Iceland in Springtime by Ian Collier

Keflavik Airport in Iceland has come a long way since I first passed through it twenty years ago. It’s certainly a lot bigger and grander than I had remembered, which is perhaps explained by the recent incredible increase in popularity of this tiny island nation for overseas visitors. Iceland is… Learn more

Be insured properly for my travels by Ian Collier

To say it’s been an eventful few years for Canterbury is of course an understatement, but one thing we’ve all learned is the importance of being adequately insured! This is especially true when it comes to choosing the right travel insurance policy, and at Discover Travel we have extensive experience… Learn more