There’s truly nowhere quite like Samoa. From the moment you arrive on this idyllic nation’s shores, you will be greeted by smiles and the lively ‘Talofa’ of the locals, who are ready to treat you like a treasured friend.

A special and important part of Fa’a Samoa – ‘the Samoan way’ – are the traditions. Check out the song and dance such as the Siva at a unique cultural show for visitors. You’ll leave enchanted by the skill, grace and passion evident in the various dances, ranging from slow and captivating to thrilling and fast. The island’s abundance of colour is sure to leave an impression. Locals don lavalavas and formal dresses and decorate their homes, buses, fences and even rocks with bold tones.

The colourful culture and welcome attitude is not all you’ll find here – Samoa is packed with natural delights like glistening turquoise lagoons, towering volcanic landscapes, blissful beaches and banyan groves, all of which offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for adventure or relaxation – whichever holiday type suits you. There are ten islands that make up Samoa, with Upolu (home to Apia, the nation’s capital) and Savai’i as the main two. Each island has its own unique flavour and feel – though both are equally delectable.

There’s a different type of accommodation to suit every need in Samoa. No visit here is complete without spending at least one night in an open-sided, thatched beachfront fale, lulled to sleep by waves lapping the shore. If you’re splashing out, there are, of course, deluxe resorts available where you can unwind in luxury. Or if you prefer, there’s a complete range of accommodation in between. Whatever type of lodging, and however you decide to spend your time in these islands, it’s possible that you’ll leave them with more than just a tan and happy memories. Samoa… serene, spectacular and super special.


Authentic Samoa – Stay in a Traditional Fale

In Samoan, the word for family is ‘aiga’. This special word refers to not only your immediate family, but also entire clans and communities, in keeping with the warm, welcoming vibe of Samoan culture. If you are after a true taste of Samoa and keen to have more of an authentic holiday experience we suggest you live like a local and opt to stay in one of the many beach fales dotted around the coastline. They are mostly on village land and usually family-operated and enjoy some of Samoa’s most scenic vistas and million-dollar scenery. That means you get to sleep right on the beach under a thatched roof on wooden posts, and let the gentle lapping of waves lull you to sleep. There is no power, no private facilities and no room service, but there are stunning beachfront locations, unimpeded ocean views and unbeatable R&R.

Unique Flavours – Samoa for Foodies

The fabulous flavours of Samoa are most apparent in its cuisine. During the day you might see men out on the rocks catching yellow fin tuna, octopus, lobster and more. Raw fish with coconut cream, bananas and juicy tropical fruits from island plantations round off a perfect meal. If you hadn’t already heard, Chef John is a local who has a passion for food and believes that Samoa has some of the best the world has to offer. Join in on one of his tours to learn more about the local produce and traditions, then enjoy a tasty meal he has prepared just for you. Still salivating? Stay at Return to Paradise Resort & Spa where you can delve into a mouth-watering 8-10 course degustation dinner with matching wines and mini-cocktails. Your taste buds will thank you for these culinary delights. Don’t bother wearing a belt!



Upolu is Samoa’s second largest island and home to its colourful capital, Apia. Take a stroll through the city’s bustling markets. Enjoy a refreshing drink of coconut milk, or stock up on tropical fruit. Upolu has scores of dazzling white beaches, making it easy to find your own secluded cove. But take time, too, to venture inland to enjoy the verdant rainforest that echoes to the sound of tropical birds and is threaded by rivers and spectacular cascading waterfalls. To make the most of the magnificent natural attractions Upolu has to offer, hire a car – it’s a fun and easy way to get around the island.


For a taste of the true Samoa you must visit Savai’i, Samoa’s largest island. It’s like travelling back in time to the way Samoa was many years ago and is the cultural experience you have yearned for. Here you can live like a local while at the same time savouring the island’s stunning natural attractions. Get high on a rainforest canopy boardwalk or if you’re a keen diver, take the opportunity to go scuba diving. Savai’i is an island of incredible contrasts – follow the lava tube trail, or blow away the cobwebs by taking an invigorating hike around the easily accessible volcanic crater on the Tafua Peninsula. Cool off afterwards by relaxing in the shade of a palm tree on a nearby white sand beach.