5 days in Sydney by Peter Dunne

I had lived in Sydney in the late 80’s and been back a few time over the followings years, but never as a tourist so this year when I visited for 5 days it was an interesting mix of reminiscence and new experiences. Easter is a good time to visit… Read the rest

Eastern Canada

It is easy to pretend you are in France when visiting the Eastern side of Canada as Montreal is the fourth largest French speaking city in the world and Quebec seems more Parisian that Paris itself.  After croissants and cafe au lait for breakfast, set off on foot and explore… Read the rest

River Cruising

River Cruising is without doubt the fastest growing trend for European travelers that appeals to all clients whether an independent tourer, a first timer to Europe or a coach tour veteran. Is it the idea of unpacking just once? You bet! Is it because you visit somewhere new every day?  … Read the rest

Cycling Holidays

Life at handlebar height – perfect!  Whether you are looking for a way to get from village to village or want to ride the classic Cols of the Tour de France – there is a cycling holiday to suit.  Options range from remote off-road trails to tarmac, huge descents to… Read the rest


Cuba – the largest and most densely populated Island in the Caribbean is probably the most interesting for a number of reasons, History, Politics & Music to name but three. When Castro came to power in 1959 things were to change dramatically for the man in the street and the… Read the rest

Eastern Europe

The cities of Eastern Europe were once the capitals of the fabled Ottoman and Habsburg empires. Their modern resurgence brings past lavishness to life and yes, there really is a Transylvania of vampire fame! Between the baroque beauty of Prague and the elaborate facades of Budapest and Krakow which were… Read the rest

The Silk Road, Caucasus & Central Asia

The Silk Road – definitely off the beaten track! For thousands of years this route has linked East and West, a route followed by traders in silk, spices and slaves, plus explorers interested in new ideas as much as new territories. Modern day travellers will begin their journey in Uzbekistan’s… Read the rest

China, Tibet & Mongolia

Some travellers only explore the major cities of China – Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong,  as part of a stopover. With thousands of years of history and so many astonishing monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites – there is so much more to see and do in China.  Get away… Read the rest


We may be 12,000 miles away but it is hard to escape our European influence.  Many Kiwis start with a visit to the UK – tracing family or visiting their children who are on their OE – a great introduction that is usually followed by a visit to “The Continent”.  … Read the rest

Peter Dunne

It all started with a school trip to Belgium at the age of 11, strange accents, funny food, cars on the wrong side of the road. I was hooked. 35 years on and I’m no better, in fact I’ve got steadily worse, visiting over 120 countries just to feed my… Read the rest
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