5 days in Sydney by Peter Dunne

I had lived in Sydney in the late 80’s and been back a few time over the followings years, but never as a tourist so this year when I visited for 5 days it was an interesting mix of reminiscence and new experiences. Easter is a good time to visit… Learn more

Peter Dunne

It all started with a school trip to Belgium at the age of 11, strange accents, funny food, cars on the wrong side of the road. I was hooked. 35 years on and I’m no better, in fact I’ve got steadily worse, visiting over 120 countries just to feed my… Learn more
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A Turkish Odyssey by Peter Dunne

Having only visited Istanbul before, I was really keen to get to Turkey and visit the numerous interesting places I have read about over the years, could they all be as spectacular as they sounded? It took me two weeks to find out and yes they certainly were, read on… Learn more

Greetings from Albania & Macedonia by Peter Dunne

As a child growing up in the UK in the 70s and early 80’s, the Cold War was alive and well and the Iron Curtain still divided East and Western Europe. I would listen of an evening on the family wireless to midweek European football games involving teams with names… Learn more

An introduction to Taipei, Taiwan by Peter Dunne

On a recent trip to Europe I was looking for a new and different stopover on the way home and decided upon the ancient island of Formosa. Many schoolboy history lesson had left me intrigued so I was keen to learn about Chiang Kai Shek and Sun Yat Sen and… Learn more

Discover Florida with Cosmos by Peter Dunne

Florida had been on my hit list for 30 years, ever since I ran out of money whilst backpacking in America in the summer of 1986 and had to fly home from New York instead of Miami. As a result of this i was more than happy when the opportunity… Learn more

Cuba by Bike by Peter Dunne

There is a very famous quote from Che Guevara “¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!” (“Until Victory, Always!”) And as I approached the final hill on day 5 of my cycling tour, this quote took on a whole new meaning. It wasn’t the biggest hill ever, but it was 38 degrees C… Learn more

Cruising the Greek Islands by Peter Dunne

Having not visited Greece since 1987 it was probably time for me to go back, and what better way to visit Greece than on a small ship cruise. The MS Galileo departs every Saturday from Pireaus for the Jewel of the Cyclades cruise, a great itinerary taking in Poros, Folegandros,… Learn more